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Working in Confined Spaces

This IIRSM approved Working in Confined Spaces Course will cover the legislation associated with working in confined spaces. The Course also includes training on what counts as a confined space, the potential hazards, safe operating procedures, emergency procedures and rescue.

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At the end of this Working in Confined Spaces course you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of the control measures to be followed when working in, or near to, confined spaces as detailed in a safe working procedure.

Important note: This is an awareness course only, designed for people who need to be aware of the hazards and risks of confined space working but who are not required to enter a confined space.

If you are required to perform any work activity in, or in the proximity of, a confined space then you will also need to have an 'approved' standard of practical training at the 'appropriate' level.

Duration: 25 minutes


  1. The Law
  2. Confined Space and the Dangers?
  3. Safe Procedures
  4. Communication, Emergencies and Paperwork


The Working in Confined Spaces course is recommended and approved by the following bodies:

Working in Confined Spaces
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Very informative materials and the video content was highly useful for retaining information. 

Anthony, Omskirk
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