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Prevent Duty

This CPD approved Prevent Duty Course provides an introduction to Prevent Duty including the threat from extremism, radicalisation and terrorism, and how to base your actions on a risk based approach. It also explores what actions you should take if you are concerned.

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Intelligence indicates that further terrorist attacks in our country are ‘highly likely’.

Experience tells us that the threat comes not just from foreign nationals, but from terrorists born and bred in Britain. It is therefore vital that our counter-terrorism strategy contains a plan to prevent radicalisation and stop would-be terrorists from committing mass murder.

The Prevent strategy published by the Government is part of the overall counter-terrorism strategy.

This Prevent Duty course starts with an overview of the Government’s Prevent strategy and then looks at some of the reasons people become extremists.

It goes on to cover the objectives of the Prevent strategy, how to base your actions on a risk based approach, what to do if you are concerned and much more.

Duration: 65 minutes


  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. What is Prevent?
  3. Prevent Objectives
  4. Delivering Prevent with a Risk-Based Approach
  5. Extremism, Radicalisation and Terrorism
  6. What Should You Do If You Are Concerned?
  7. The Channel Process
  8. British Values


The Prevent Duty course is recommended and approved by the following bodies:

Prevent Duty
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I was able to complete the course in my own time and refer back to the videos whenever I needed them which is helpful. As a trainee health and social care worker, the training has helped me understand more of...

Anna, Wirral
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